Hi Beautiful, So Nice to meet YOU!

You’re a strong, smart woman, you give your 100% to whatever you do. You want to feel accomplished, successful, fulfilled, but instead you feel stuck, doubtful, frustrated!

I help aspiring women like you    transform your magnificence into an authentic, fulfilling purpose driven life

As an 8-year old, I watched the live TV broadcast of the funeral procession of India’s first woman prime minister, Indira Gandhi.

I was struck by the sound of thousands of people sloganeering, “Jab tak sooraj, chaand rahega, Indira tera naam rahega”, meaning “Until the sun and the moon remain, Indira, your name will remain”. The only thought that came to my mind was, “What would I have to do, to be remembered like her!

What I didn’t realize then is my quest for purpose and meaning had already begun!

As a child, my loving parents dreamt of me becoming a Doctor. I bought into that dream, until I passed out dissecting a sweet little mouse in high school! I was then suggested to take up IT as it is a ‘good’ career, which I couldn’t sustain due to my diminishing interest and growing independence. I started asking myself some very serious questions like – “what is it that I want to do”, “what is it that I am naturally good at?”

This led me to become a successful Human Resources professional. While I enjoyed coaching and advising a variety of professionals and leaders, I felt constrained to express myself freely in a corporate environment.  The nagging quest for purpose and meaning started to catch up with me again. I started to feel lost, not knowing what is it that I wanted to do.

It is when I hit rock bottom in all areas of my life, my quest for purpose and meaning started to make sense. I realized that one of the main causes of suffering is lack of purpose and meaning. I immersed myself into various self-exploration tools, regular meditation practice, and the teachings of some of the greatest spiritual masters. My self-reflective questions shifted from “what is it that I want to do in life?” to “What is it that is trying to manifest through me?”.

I practiced connecting with my own inner wisdom, acknowledging my gifts and strengths, becoming aware of my inner critic, and breaking old habit patterns that were not serving me well – this practice is a forever ‘work in progress’.

As I became open to receiving the messages the universe was sending to me, my purpose started unfolding. ‘Coincidently’ I came across a book called Co-Active Coaching which brought me closer to doing work that fulfills me. I sharpened my coaching skills by earning a certification as a coach through Coaches Training Institute. I started awakening to my own magnificence.

We all come from different walks of life and our stories may vary, but at the end of the day every woman craves to feel fulfilled by making an impact wherever she is, however small or big! It is possible to live an authentic, purpose-driven, fulfilled life. And if it feels like climbing Mount Everest, I can help. Book a session today!